pexels-photo-404972.jpgARE YOU READY for ASC 606?

Do you know everything you need to know about the new ASC 606 and IFRS 15 accounting standards? The implemented modifications are some of the most far-reaching changes to accounting since Sarbanes-Oxley. Time is closing in on when you need to comply.

The rules are changing:

Complex revenue recognition changes can be disruptive, especially if your business relies on subscription-based revenue. The rules are changing, and you’ll need to know how to respond. Sage Intacct and Leap the Pond can help.

Prepare yourself…

• To revamp your practices for allocating expenses and revenues?
• To deliver a clear picture of the impact on your business?
• To take the steps you need to prepare?
• To manage this large-scale transition while minimizing disruption to your business and your bottom line?

With Sage Intacct Contract Revenue Management and Contract and Subscription Billing, you’ll be ready to comply with the new revenue recognition guidelines and able to automatically streamline your accounting practices for allocating expenses and revenues. Best of all, you can manage this critical transition without disrupting your business.